Shrink Machines

//Shrink Machines
  • Fully automatic packing machines STAR serie allows the solution of any packing problem with centerfolded film. The whole range makes possible packaging of products of dimension unreachable with the usual packing machines for centerfolded reels; easy to insert in already existing production lines, the machines does not need intervention of operator.
  • ALICE is a shirink-packing machine with high technologic standard level. Its project, under CEE european standards, its ruggedness and reliability make sure ALICE vanguard in its category.
  • MANUAL HOOD SHRINKING MACHINE The BELLPACK machine is excellent for wrapping alimentary and extra-alimentary products. Easy to use and hygienic, BELLPACK is perfect for the packaging of single or multipack items. Its packing system allows to make sealing and shrinking in a single operation. Included electromagnet for automatic shrinking control.