Fully Automatic Packaging Machine “Star Mini”

//Fully Automatic Packaging Machine “Star Mini”

Fully Automatic Packaging Machine “Star Mini”

Fully automatic packing machines STAR serie allows the solution of any packing problem with centerfolded film. The whole range makes possible packaging of products of dimension unreachable with the usual packing machines for centerfolded reels; easy to insert in already existing production lines, the machines does not need intervention of operator.


Product Description

Shrinking tunnel mod. HALLEY is connectable to our range of packaging machines STAR serie and to our flow-pack machines, it includes characteristics of speed and strongness that allows the utilization on production lines which involve heavy work burden.

Shrinking tunnel F14 joins economy with small dimensions. Connectable to semiautomatic angle sealer and flow-pack machines, it does not require any manutention. Built in right-left and left -right version.

Sealing bars dimensions 400 x 500 mm
Product max height 150 mm
Electrical feed 380 v – 3 F+T
Pneumatic feed 8 bar
Overall dimension 2200 x 900 mm 1500 h

Traslating band
Sealing bars automatic opening
Preselection piece counter
Inox steel carpentry
Inverter for bands speed regulation

Download the catalogue: STAR MINI