Flow Pack “Mini Flow”

//Flow Pack “Mini Flow”

Flow Pack “Mini Flow”

This Entry-level rotary flow-pack machine with film roll from the top is fully electronic.
Reliable, adaptable and cheap. Its reduced dimensions fit in with both small and medium size production requirements.


Product Description

Welded frame and guard in stainless steel (AISI 304).
Trasmissions with timing belt. Three axes totally electronic wrapper.
Sealing bars,sealing wheels and shute are cantilevered mounted.
One pulling wheels unit, one sealing wheels unit are closed in boxes with grease for lubrication of gears.
All parts are built for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Pulling wheels open by means of pneumatic switches. The sealing wheels opens automatically at every machine stop.
Safety guards as required by local law. Safety standard as CEE directives
On all machines is possible to install: Photocell for printed film,printer for date, automatic feeders, etc..

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